About Us

Welcome to VIYA Translations – a full service of language service provider company, with over 8 years of expertise and experience. Our mission had always been to offer our clients the highest quality with competitive prices by combining our human resources management with latest translation technologies.

Our company provides a range of translation services including:

  • Translation
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Website / Software Localization
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Consecutive Interpretation
  • TM Management
  • Corporate Glossary Compilation

With high technology, strict quality control and excellent project management, we offer you the best language services.


VIYA always follow newest global standards in all services we provide. Every project is unique for us and we design and price all our services after determining your exact needs. After establishing framework of every unique project, we use the most advanced tools for executing the operations stage. We use CAT tools for all our translations in order to provide more quality, but economical language solutions. All projects undergo a Quality Assurance phase and DTP phase (if needed) and your documents are delivered ready for publishing.

Human Resources

We know that the most important value of a company is its human resources. We are always in need of highly educated and knowledgeable translators. We believe that working with VIYA will always provide you substantial value, either monetary or non-monetary.

In addition, we know that payment is one of the most important matters between a translation company and a translator. VIYA is always loyal to the payment periods agreed at the beginning of cooperation and the translator payments are always first in our payment program. This will never change!

We are very ambitious in translator training and this is the most important value that we will provide you in this very technological age. The translator who will work with VIYA should be open for learning the state-of-art technologies used in today´s up-to-date translation companies. A VIYA translator should know at least one CAT tool and we will create opportunities for translators who are beginners and willing to improve themselves in CAT tools.

For your applications please contact us.

Social Responsibilities

Under the scope of social responsibility, we offer free educational document translations if need arises for charity organizations. Please send us documents in foreign languages (especially in English) if you assess they are worth to translate for the sake of improvement in charity activities in Turkey. In addition, we are waiting for applications of volunteer translators who would like to support us in this subject.

Here, soon you will also be able to read some translated documents from charity organizations.

  • Phone: +90 532 698 55 27
  • E-mail: info@viyadil.com
  • Address: Altınkale Mah. 4143 Sok. No: 64 Döşemealtı/Antalya Turkey
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