This field includes documents with the high level of difficulty, very specific and scientific terminology and certain language style. In technical translations it is very important to adhere to the original text information as much as possible.

Our translators team know how to translate technical information better, providing precise and substantive translation. The main problem in technical text translation may arise with the lack of terminology of very specific issues.

Our team has the knowledge and experience in different technical fields, as well as precise approach to texts of every specialization, developed over the years.

We offer you quality translations in such specific fields as:

Electronics Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Marine Related Translations


Civil Engineering

Industrial Engineering


Architecture and Construction

EU Projects

Defense Industry and Technology

Oil, Natural Gas, Petrochemistry

Production Machinery

Packaging Industry


Textiles and Textile Engineering


Medicine is one of the widely investigated and developing fields. It is mainly based on investigation of existing medicines and new experiments and introduction of new products into market.

We know that medical documents contain very complicated terminology and they require a particular approach of specialists; that is why such information is considered to have the highest degree of difficulty. Not every translator is capable of reading and understaning the medical information.

We translate:

Manuals, instructions of appliances used in medicine  

General medical texts


Statements from medical institutions

Prescriptions and descriptions of medicine

Documentation of patents and surgical instruments

Medicine advertising brochures

Scientific articles, press releases and product presentation document

Medical information for patients and doctors, etc.


The translation of financial documents is done by following the highest quality control principles in every phase of development: reviewing, translating, editing and proofreading, so that the client would receive an accurate result.

We translate:

Annual Reports of Enterprises

Business Plans

Balance Sheets

Financial Documents of Enterprises

Bank notifications

Economy, Finance and Business Administration





Entrepreneurship and Investment 


The target of every company is to maintain its own growth and offer wider choice of goods and services. For its achievement, the task of marketing specialists need to find the new and better methods of offering their products to the market. The translator shall be able to create a catchy motto, choose the right style and expressions from the original text.

We offer you our services of translation of commercials, as well as in such fields as:

Advertisements of products, companies, services


Posters, Banners, Texts


PR and Customer Satisfaction

Tourism, Travel and Entertainment

Menus and Recipes

Books, Journals and Broadcasting

IT & Web Site

There is a huge increase of demand for advanced computers, systems, software and new computer functions in the new world of technology. The demand for translation is also increasing as the information technologies and use of internet develope.

We translate:


Technology development descriptions

Translation of system and hardware descriptions 


Law is one of the most complicated fields, each and every document requires much attention and precise knowledge of terminology and deep understanding.

Even a small mistake can have vital importance in legal translations, therefore we entrust the translation of legal texts to specialists with legal education, who are perfect in knowledge of terminology and orient well in complicated and long legal texts.

We translate:





Draft laws, amendments

Enterprise establishment documents


Applications, statements, claims, etc.  


Traditionally, proofreading is comparing a newly output document to the previous marked-up version, and marking the new document to indicate any corrections that were missed or any newly introduced errors. While doing this side-by-side comparison, a proofreader will note as well any other obvious typographical errors.

Proofreading is an integral part of the translation process. It checks both translated and edited content for grammar, style, professional readability and consistency from both a terminological and cultural standpoint.

The proofreader´s job is to assess the overall flow of the document, keeping in mind the intention that it should be read as if originally written in the target language itself.

We automatically apply the proofreading stage to all translation projects, to ensure that it is of the highest quality.


There is a huge increase of demand for advanced computers, systems, software and new computer functions in the new world of technology. The demand for translation is also increasing as the information technologies and use of internet develop.

In the last few years the Internet has become one of the main tools of communication between companies in the world market. Today a corporate web-site is an important tool of customer attraction, as well as the main method for remote presentation of companies participating in international economic relationships.

The success of a company will depend on usability the web-site for potential customers and partners in the current conditions of strengthening competition in all fields of the modern business.

We translate:

  • Information Technologies
  • Websites
  • Software
  • Technology development descriptions
  • Translation of system and hardware descriptions
  • Data Transmission and Process


We take your original documents, catalogues, brochures, books, magazines and localize their content into the languages of your target audience as per your requirement.

Through our quality process, we ensure that the final version reads as well to your target audience as the original read to its audience.

Our internal DTP resources work closely with our project managers and linguists to deliver a final product.

We support traditional print-based DTP and graphics applications including Framemaker, Indesign and Quark. Our Office is fully equipped with a large collection of standard word-processing, page-makeup and graphics software. This is coupled with the necessary local fonts and we actively work with and embrace emerging technologies associated with single-source, multi-channel publishing like XML, SGML and HTML.


A translation memory or briefly TM, is a database that stores segments that have been previously translated. A translation-memory system stores the words, phrases and paragraphs that have already been translated and aid. The translation memory stores the source text and its corresponding translation in language pairs called “translation units”.Translation memory managers have some benefits for translating technical documentation and documents containing specialized vocabularies. These benefits include:

  • Ensuring that the document is completely translated (translation memories do not accept empty target segments)
  • Ensuring that the translated documents are consistent, including common definitions, phrasings and terminology. This is important when different translators are working on a single project.
  • Enabling translators to translate documents in a wide variety of formats without having to own the software typically required to process these formats.
  • Accelerating the overall translation process; since translation memories “remember” previously translated material, translators have to translate it only once.
  • Reducing costs of long-term translation projects; for example the text of manuals, warning messages or series of documents needs to be translated only once and can be used several times.
  • For large documentation projects, savings (in time or money) thanks to the use of a TM package may already be apparent even for the first translation of a new project, but normally such savings are only apparent when translating subsequent versions of a project that was translated before using translation memory.


We provide consecutive interpretation solutions to help you effectively communicate with your clients and colleagues. With consecutive interpretation the interpreter acts as an intermediary between two speakers. Each speaker pauses after every two or three sentences to allow time for the interpreter to translate the speaker´s remarks into the other language. It is very commonly used for business meetings, negotiations, appointments, travel tours and social events.


Corporate glossary compilation or in other words management, provides the translator a means of automatically searching a given terminology database for terms appearing in a document, either by automatically displaying terms in the translation memory software interface window or through the use of hot keys to view the entry in the terminology database. A terminology management is a searchable database that contains a list of multilingual terms and rules regarding their usage. Terminology is typically used in conjunction with a translation memory.

Our Corporate Glossary Compilation service provides your company to have a special terminology database which would allow concordance, smoothness and standardization for future projects.