We offer translation services in various fields such as:


Technical Translation

IT Translation

Medical Translation

Financial Translation

Marketing Translation

Legal Translation



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Proofreading & Editing

We offer comprehensive proofreading and editing services.


Additionally, we automatically implement the proofreading phase for all translation projects to assure the utmost quality.


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Language Services for AI

AI Translation Post Editing
AI Functional Testing
AI Linguistic Testing
AI Prompt Annotation
AI Prompt Creation
AI Prompt Localization
AI Response Editing
AI Response Evaluation
AI Response Validation


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We provide interpreting services all over Türkiye, especailly in Antalya region.


Our skilled and experienced interpreters are capable of translating in a wide variety of settings.



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We services for businesses aiming to reach global audiences with culturally and linguistically tailored content.


Website Localization

Software Localization

Game Localization



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TM Management & Corporate Glossary Compilation

Our service creates a specialized terminology database and provides TM management services for your company.



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