Localization Services

Website & Software Localization

There is a huge increase of demand for advanced computers, systems, software and new computer functions in the new world of technology. The demand for translation is also increasing as the information technologies and use of internet develop.

In the last few years the Internet has become one of the main tools of communication between companies in the world market. Today a corporate web-site is an important tool of customer attraction, as well as the main method for remote presentation of companies participating in international economic relationships.

The success of a company will depend on usability the web-site for potential customers and partners in the current conditions of strengthening competition in all fields of the modern business.

Game Localization

The demand for game localization has surged as the global gaming market expands. Players seek immersive experiences that resonate culturally and linguistically. Effective localization enhances engagement, broadens market reach, and boosts sales. It also leads to better reviews and higher player satisfaction, fostering a loyal global fanbase and contributing to long-term success.